Why did America make marijuana illegal?

In the 1850’s, marijuana use was somewhat similar to what it’s used for now: medical purposes. It was listed on the U.S. Dispensatory as a prescription that was used to treat conditions such as appetite, insomnia, mental disorders, etc. Due to these reasons and conditions, marijuana was used and looked at as “good” up until the 1900’s. Then the start of America’s war on drugs started taking place, and the assumptions regarding marijuana were that it was dangerous and led to violence.

Because of the Mexican Revolution, the view on marijuana began to change in America due to the heavy intake of Mexican immigrants. They used marijuana for medical purposes as well, but their ways of doing it were different than Americans were used too. Americans were used to using it in the form of hash or oil whereas Mexicans used it through cigarettes and pipes.

Marijuana History – 1950 to 1970

The 1950-1970’s era served as a full prohibition against marijuana when the fear of it reaching youth and college students came into play. Former President Richard Nixon promised to bring back law and order during his campaign and when elected he started a War against Drug Abuse and the Controlled Substances Act also passed in 1970.

The ‘90’s were when marijuana came back for medical purposes. Researchers found that compounds in marijuana mix and interact with a part of the body that helps maintain homeostasis. California became the first state to pass medical marijuana in 1996.

Cannabis Laws Today

Then the present day has pretty much served as the accepting period of marijuana. 23 states have passed medical marijuana laws, and four others have passed recreational use (Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska). People are now aware of the medical use it serves and sees the therapeutic use as beneficial.

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