Two takes on capping marijuana dispensaries in Lansing

Two takes on capping marijuana dispensaries in Lansing

There’s a growing call to do something about the proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries in Lansing. We talk with an proponent of a marijuana moratorium and ordinance in Lansing, city councilwoman Carol Wood, and the owner and CEO of one of the city’s newest dispensaries, Michael Mayes of Greenwave.

Lansing officials appear to be close to enacting a moratorium and ordinance on marijuana businesses in the city. Unofficial estimates put the number of pot shops in Lansing at around 60 or 70. Supporters of a moratorium say that’s many more than the city needs and the businesses needs greater regulation.

Current State speaks with Carol Wood, a longtime member of the Lansing city council who currently serves as chair of the council’s public safety committee. She’s supporting a moratorium and ordinance. We also talk to  Michael Mayes. He’s a Lansing native now mainly based in Chicago. He is the CEO of Greenwave, Lansing’s newest marijuana dispensary at Cedar and Oakland  It’s a family business he runs with brother Thomas and his mother, a registered nurse. In Chicago, Mayes is also the CEO of Quantum 9. The company describes itself on its website as a cannabis consulting and technology organization.

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