National Fire Safety codes for Marijuana Cultivation

National fire safety codes are starting to circulate in the marijuana world. Growers and extractors are going to have to follow new rules due to the vast number of explosions and fires. Most of these explosions are occurring in illegal home laboratories, but some are also happening at licensed businesses. The new “rules” that will have to be followed will cover from ventilation and exhaust to how to use different solvents and also towards staffing and training. In a way, you can say that they are taking a precaution as to how marijuana can be grown and extracted because of the safety hazards dealing with explosions/fires.

Growing Marijuana and the Extraction Process

Marijuana extraction is an especially dangerous profession because it involves dangerous chemicals and complicated equipment. When you throw in people who don’t know what they’re doing due to a lack of training, then that’s where these fires are taking place. People involved with the marijuana industry as well as fire safety officials stated that most of the fires come from a lack of education and lack of training towards extraction. Some people build their business to try and prevent intruders but then end up making it to where they trap workers inside if a fire were to breach.

How Will This Affect Marijuana Growers?

The new proposed guidelines are for cultivators but mainly focuses towards extractors. The new guidelines teach growers and extractors in a way as to how they should go about the process. It shows them what is effective and how to process certain things. Some of these things include information on standby power systems for lighting, ventilation and smoke and gas detection. While these are guidelines for these people to follow, they should also view it as a learning module for prevention.

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