How to Find the Best Marijuana Provisioning Center in Michigan and Beyond

If you have decided to venture down the path of becoming a medical marijuana patient, then your first step is to look for a Provisioning Center.

As with any first-time decisions, it is important to do your research before making your decision on who to buy from. With so many options, it can be overwhelming.

Many people choose their seller based on proximity to their home alone. But, that isn’t necessarily the best way to decide. Depending on what condition you are suffering from, your needs will differ from other patients.

To make sure you can make the most informed decision possible, here are a few things you should consider.


Location is important, but it shouldn’t be too high on your list when you are looking for the right Provisioning Center. Think about it this way – when you order a pizza, do you order from the one closest to you or the one with the best pie that is within a reasonable distance?

Of course, you choose the one that you like the most. It is worth it to you to get the product you want, not just a product. Buying cannabis is the same way. There are a bunch of different shops out there. But they don’t all have the same strains, and their employees don’t all have the same knowledge.

If you find a business that meets all your needs, it is well worth driving an hour for the product. And if you find a shop that has a well-educated staff, it will be worth every trip.

Quality of Product and Selection

Not every shop is going to have the same variety of products for sale. There are many different ways to ingest cannabis and hundreds of varieties of cannabis for sale on the market.

To find the best strain for your condition, you should go to a shop that sells a wide variety of strains. That way, you can try several different ones to figure out what works for you.

You will have to balance things like how much pain relief you get vs. how sleepy it will make you. These nuances are subtle, but can make a major difference in the life of a daily user. Make sure you go to a business that gives you the options you need.

Knowledge of Staff

Sometimes a Provisioning Center is little more than a shop that sells cannabis. But as a patient new to medical marijuana, you will need more from your seller. It is important to find a staff that is educated on your condition and the ways in which it cannabis can help.

Unless you have been smoking marijuana for years, you probably will have at least a couple questions about the products you see on the shelves. With a knowledgeable staff member, you will be guided through the selection process. They can offer you sound advice and information about the products that are accurate.

The last thing you want is to get to a shop and find a disinterested staff member. It’s a good idea to call ahead and ask a few questions to gauge your comfort level with their response. That way, you won’t waste a trip.


You should never feel uncomfortable when you purchase cannabis. Make sure you choose a Provisioning Center that has a welcoming atmosphere. After all, it is a place that you will likely be visiting often.

Whether you prefer a small shop with a tight-knit staff or a larger operation with a wide selection, having a welcoming atmosphere should always be your standard.


Most of the dispensaries have a menu and pricing guide available on their websites. That way you can look up what strains they have at which locations.

Be sure to look and see what strains are on sale before you go to make a purchase. Based on the grow cycle of the plants, prices can change drastically.

Provisioning Center Reviews

Before you try any new business, you are likely to read the reviews. Finding a Provisioning Center to purchase your medical marijuana from is no different.

Go online and see what people are saying about the sellers in your area. Find out where the best prices are and make sure that you will be shopping at a clean facility.

What to Expect at the Provisioning Center

No matter what age you are, you should be ready to be carded when you enter a medical marijuana business. Make sure you also have your prescription with you and that it is still valid.

Before you go to the shop, you should do some preliminary research into what kind of strain you are looking for. It can be helpful to read reviews from other medical marijuana patients online.

Your choice will vary based on:

  • Your personal symptoms
  • Your financial situation
  • Your prior reactions to other strains

Be sure to ask any questions you have to your budtender. You can ask for recommendations and steer you in the right direction. On the other hand, you should never be shy about saying no thanks if a recommendation isn’t right for you.

Once you have chosen your strain, you may have to wait a little while to make a purchase. Often stores have policies that only one customer can be served at a time so make sure you set aside enough time for the trip.

Final Thoughts

Going to purchase medical marijuana for the first time can be a daunting chore. Trying to find a Provisioning Center that carries a wide variety of strains can be difficult.

It is even more challenging to find a shop that has a knowledgeable staff – one that can consistently be relied upon to provide good recommendations for medical marijuana patients.

When you toss in price and location considerations, it can start to feel like finding the right place to purchase your medical marijuana is impossible.

If you live in Michigan and you are looking for a great Provisioning Center, visit us at Greenwave in Lansing. We have a great selection and we are working hard to expand our cannabinoid therapy options.

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