Greenwave Cannabis Provisioning Center Lansing

Due to the difference in patients’ needs and preferences, Greenwave Provisioning Center in Lansing, Michigan offers cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates and even accessories in our Lansing, Michigan Provisioning Center. The Greenwave Provisioning Center agent staff is fully trained from the Trichrome Institue during each successful employee hire and orientation, regardless of the new hires past working experience. Greenwave based their entire customer service platform on their strategic business partner Good Meds in Colorado who has two industry leading medical dispensaries and a 90,000sf cultivation center. This in-depth training program partnered with a tried and proven industry working customer service model allows the Greenwave Provisioning Center agents an incredibly vast depth of knowledge in matching patients with the particular strain that helps to alleviate their debilitating condition. Opposed to rushing their patients to purchase their medicine, the Provisioning Center agents prefer to provide as much information necessary regarding each strain of medical marijuana that can assist their conditions needs that are available in their Lansing Michigan Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center. GreenWave’s large variety of stock is sufficient enough to reassure all new patients of a long-term professional relationship and good health based on quality medical marijuana.

Our company was created to help patients find therapeutic relief to conditions and illnesses using a verity of treatment modalities.

Benefits for Our Medicinal Cannabis Patients

The Lansing Michigan cannabis Provisioning Center also offers the necessary ramps and facilities supporting the handicap to encourage patients who are handicapped or disabled to visit GreenWave for the medical marijuana needs. Their consistency in service and product offerings is also an important factor that retains customer loyalty. For anyone facing the terrible dilemma of where to shop for quality medical cannabis, Greenwave Provisioning Center is the easiest assurance for quality and economic value.

Our MMJ Provisioning Center Location

The Provisioning Center’s location is easy to find and proximal to many people’s liking being at the cross streets of Cedar and Oakland in downtown Lansing, Michigan. Having this convenient location allows patients to shop from surrounding cities such as East Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo for their medical marijuana needs. Indeed, Greenwave’s Marijuana Provisioning Center has raised the bar by being a one of a kind and the first choice for anyone in need of quality alternative medical products.

Greenwave Provisioning Center was founded by Thomas Mayes in March 2016. We are committed to lead advancements and establish best practices will shape the future of cannabinoid-based therapies.


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