Cannabidiol | CBD Overview

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid which means when ingested people do not feel the “high” but can benefit from the medical benefits of cannabis. There has been a lot of media attention with CBD treating epilepsy but has also been known to help cancer patients, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and diabetes.

The following claims are not approved nor endorsed by the FDA

Reduces function in the immune system

Reduces seizers and convulsions

Reduces risk of artery blockage

Reduces small intestine nausea

Suppresses muscle spasms

Reduces blood sugar levels

Inhibits cancer cell growth

Slows bacterial growth

Promotes bone growth

Reduces inflammation


Reduces inflammation

Relieves anxiety

Treats psoriasis

Relieves pain




Greenwave Dispensary was founded by Michael and Thomas Mayes in March 2016. We are commitment to lead advancements and establish best practices will shape the future of cannabinoid-based therapies.


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