Tell us how Cannabis Effects your Life

The Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Department announced August 21, 2017 that all operating dispensaries would be required to shut down by September 2017 to be eligible for state licenses. Operating dispensaries provide valuable and life-saving medicine to medical cannabis patients of the community. Help us educate the regulators on the impact that medical cannabis has had on your life and what options you will have once dispensaries shut down and will not be able to operate until July 2018 at the earliest. Only products produced at state licensed cultivation centers can be dispensed at provisioning centers in 2018. The potential interruption in your medicine could be twelve months or more. The regulators need to hear about your life before and after cannabis and how our dispensary being shut down affects you.


Due to the testimony by patients at the LARA August 21, 2017 Meeting, patients were given more time to obtain medicine from their dispensary allowing them to align with caregivers and prepare for the 12-month dispensary shutdown. Your voice matters. #PatientLivesMatter.

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